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Rosalind Bloom





Rosalind Bloom is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and has an MA in Art History from Columbia University. She has been a teacher at Villanova University and Rosemont College, a writer, and resident at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and at Ucross Foundation in Wyoming. She was a founding member of Assemblage Artists Collective, is active with the Women’s Caucus for Art and InLiquid, as well as with the DaVinci Art Alliance. She exhibits regularly in many one person and group shows in a variety of venues. Her work is in both public and private collections, and has appeared in several publications.

Artist Statement:

“Collaged elements, many cut out of older abstract paintings, mutate or evolve into fictional beings, vaguely animal, bird, insect, or human. These creatures play, converse, attract or repel one another visually and emotionally across the spaces between them, reminding us of how we interact with one another, our fellow creatures, and the world at large. The settings in which these “conversations” occur reflect a response to, and a concern for, the natural environment. In addition to collage, transfer print techniques play a major role in my work. Art is all about transformation and it’s the process that gets us there. Where, exactly, that turns out to be is often a surprise.”


Exhibitions at DVAA: