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Pamela Tudor





Pamela Tudor’s education in the arts began with her time at the Arts Student League of New York and Woodstock NY (1975-1977). She pursued her interests further at New York Studio School (1978-1980) and continued her education at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (2009-2013). Over the last four decades Pamela has participated in a number of group shows and lead four solo exhibitions. Some notable group shows include Motion Pictured, The Lightbox, June 26-Aug 19, 2018, (Philadelphia, PA); Intersections, International House, June-September 2017, (Philadelphia, PA); Conversations, March-April 2017, (Legend Galleries, Philadelphia PA); and Second Language, August 1-27, 2016, (DaVinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia PA).

Artist Statement:

“My connection to the earth and how we are destroying the environment preoccupies me. I have been painting on this topic for a while - in a series I call Mother Earth: rain, rising waters, lost ice, trees, underwater worlds. The beauty and desecration of our one-and-only, amazing, sacred home are my themes.
We still have much to cherish in our world, and much beauty. I express that in my work. It is my way of communicating that we pay attention, band together and say “yes” to being true stewards of our mother, our planet, our Earth.
My shadow boxes have worlds contained in small spaces. I use re-purposed, recycled, found and broken objects in small open boxes, like the dioramas of my childhood. My hope is that my art becomes a conversation between the viewer and the piece.
As part of my current show, at the Courtyard by Marriott, Philadelphia Navy Yard, I have started a climate blog. Please write a letter to our climate, which goes directly to me, and I will compile responses in an artist's book. The show of Mother Earth paintings is up until March 12, 2018.”


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