DVAA Member since january 2018

David Deakin





David Deakin artist, art history, Muhlenberg College, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, community activist, Bucks County, architectural technology, draftsman, organizer, Old City Arts, carpenter, project manager, Sonoma County, bricoleur, San Fransisco City College, paintings, Philadelphia, Hartmann Display, job captain, organizer, Deakin & Debruin Art Framers, Marion Locks Gallery, balloon bags, Deakin & Vannozzi Garden Design, display technician, Human Resources, etc.

Artist Statement:

“The works are mementos of feelings and souvenirs of thoughts. They are narratives utilizing recurrent themes and symbols. They are composite in methodology: singularly and collectively. The fundamental aesthetic is based upon play and humor in pieces that are conceptual and provocative. ”


Exhibitions at DVAA: