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Aaron Kalinay



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Aaron Kalinay grew up in a small community in Northeastern Pennsylvania and currently lives in South Philadelphia. “I attended Temple University and have been teaching art for the School District of Philadelphia since in addition to painting, sketching and drawing on a daily basis. I have always enjoyed imagining, daydreaming and making things. I have always loved being creative, as a child I loved making and drawing buildings, robots and cities and thought I would one day be an architect or engineer.

Artist Statement:

“I continue to use structures of lines and shapes but in more abstract work. In Kindergarten I said I wanted to be an artist but after that I never considered committing to the art world. I thought I would be a cool lawyer ala Ally McBeal or a witty doctor. It wasn't until college that I realized my true need and desire for art making. I can't imagine my life without its joys, challenges, frustrations, excitement and endless possibility. After seeing the lack of support other people have experienced in their lives, I owe it to my family for never dissuading me from going to art school and in my earliest years, always providing art making tools and encouragement. I continue to be amazed and fascinated by the diverse forms of creativity that exist in the world, whether they are acts of exploration, research, craftsmanship or survival. I desire to paint for at least some amount of time every day. My interest in the limitless possibilities is insatiable and at times overwhelming. My goal is to one day be interviewed by Terry Gross about my ‘beautiful work that I see the influence of Helen Frankenthaler or Pat Steir.’”


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