Stilled Life

a members exhibition @ dvaa

Exhibition Runs: August 3rd - August 14th, 2019


Public Opening Reception:

Sunday, August 4th 12-3pm

About the exhibition:

The DVAA members exhibition entitled Stilled Life showcases the variety of artwork created within our community that is representational, figurative, or reflective of the observable world in some way. This call for work and exhibition is open to all mediums and modes of creating.

“The plastic artist may or may not be concerned with presenting a superficial appearance of reality, but he is always concerned with the presentation - if not the representation - of the plastic values of reality.” (Hans Hofmann)

Participating Artists:

Aaron Kalinay, Alan Lankin, Alessandra Stradella, Alla Reznik, Angelo Benedetto, Annie Stone, Arlene Solomon, Barbara B Rosin, Barbara Dirnbach, Brad Earl, Celeste Mann, Cinzia Sevignani, Dana Scott, Deirdre Doyle, Ed Snyder, Elissa Sunshine, Eric J Schaeffer, Erik Adriel Peterson, Erika Kuciw, Fauzia Sheibany, Florence Weisz, Frank M Gaydos, Gary Grissom, Gary Lewis, Gloria Klaiman, Gregory Maier, Harriet HIll, Howard Brunner, Jane Mawson, Janis Pinkston, Jean Plough, Jessica Libor, Karin Payne, Kathleen DiTanna, Kit Donnelly, Lauren J. Sweeney, Leslie K Brill, Maria Keane, Marie Bender, Mariko Perry, Marilyn Rodriguez, Mario Nascati, Mark S. Conti, Maryanne Buschini, Michael D Jicha, Ona Kalstein, Patricia Mancini, Penelope Tsaltas Lisk, Rain Jorge, Rob Lybeck, Robert Reinhardt, Roy Vollmer, Sally K Eisenberg, Sam Koren, Sara Miovic, Sarah R. Bloom, Selene Nunez-Cruz, Sunjeon Grissom, Susan Wallack, Ted Warchal, Tristan Kravitz, Wenbo Gu, and William Timmins.