Steps Into Wonderland

a solo exhibition by Phillip Mcconnell @ dvaa

Exhibition Runs: march 7th - march 28th, 2018


public Opening Reception:

Wednesday, March 7th, 5-7pm

About the exhibition:

Photographers look at the world through a different scope than most. Whereas, most people see flowers and clouds, photographers look at the world in hues, layers, and how each small piece creates the whole. They understand how the micro affects the Macro. Digital photography has pushed the boundaries of what a person can create, now you can add in the aspect of creating virtual landscapes. Creating a cascading kaleidoscope of colors and form with function. By taking these various concepts and applying them to Glitch Art, Phillip McConnell shows the world how he views life through his subjective scope... through his personal lens. 
This exhibition features several different series, the first of which is titled: Building Blocks. An abstract look at architecture each image is composed of only itself with only repeated lines of code creating bursts of color. Another series is called Dot and Lines. This series is a beautiful blend of poetry and digital art. The juxtaposition of two different mediums twisted into this new and different form. Each powerful in own right but neither over taking the other.

About the Artist:

Phillip McConnell is a Glitch artist with a focus on abstract, surrealist digital art. Glitch art is the aestheticization of digital or analog errors, such as artifacts and other “bugs”, by either corrupting digital code/data or by physically manipulating electronic devices. Although Glitch Art is a relatively new underground digital art form; the concept of Glitch Art has existed since 1962. While the art form is not well known by many it has existed for years.

In expressing through Glitch art, Phillip considers his method of creating art a sort of digital alchemy. To make his images he blends aspects of photography and graphic design with data bending. By bending and manipulating the raw data of a picture, he essentially corrupts the original picture creating something new and destroying what was. Creatio rationum ab interitu or creation out of destruction—in life you can either build or destroy and Phillip chooses to do both through his art.