DVAA Member since january 2017

Samantha Connors





Philadelphia based artist, Samantha M. Connors, creates work exploring how capitalism affects the collective's mental and physical health as well as the health of the world around us. They use tactile fiber processes and materials as well as urban detritus to create sculptural forms and objects mediating on issues surrounding gentrification, illness and harm reduction. Samantha is the Co-Chair of the Exhibitions Committee at the South Philly gallery, Da Vinci Art Alliance, a member of Paradice Palase in Brooklyn, NY and a member of Common Field. They received their BFA from Tyler School of Art, majoring in Fiber and Material Studies and minoring in Art History.

Artist Statement:

“We live in a culture of oversaturation and stimulation - media, consumerism, corporate greed, the overuse of medication, etc. etc. My work investigates the release of the internalized anxiety we repress day-to-day trying to survive, and how that visual representation has an impact on others. Utilizing commonplace objects and tools, along with found construction and marketing materials, I navigate these items outside of original intent in a new and healing context.”


Exhibitions at DVAA: