Pixelated Precipices

a group exhibition @ dvaa

Exhibition Runs: August 8th - August 26th, 2018


Public Opening Reception:

Wednesday, August 8th 2018, 6-8pm

About the exhibition:

Photographers look at the world through a different scope than most.  While most people see flowers and clouds, photographers look at the world in hues and layers, observing how each small piece creates the whole. They understand how the micro affects the macro. Digital photography has pushed the boundaries of what a person can create; the option exists to create virtual landscapes, a cascading kaleidoscope of colors and form as metaphorical function. By taking these various concepts and blending them with Glitch Art, we’re able to show the world how we view life through our subjective scope... through our personal lens.
This project features a different body of work from each artist. Bill W. Dume focuses on capturing the intimate truths of peoples' everyday lives as an introspective look at capturing the reality of the black experience through long exposure photography. Brass Rabbit blends aspects of fine art and document style photography to weave a complex narrative around the human condition. Phillip McConnell uses the medium of glitch art to show his subjective view of the world through his personal aesthetic.

These series are a blend of poetry and digital art -- the juxtaposition of different media twisted into this new form. Each style is powerful in its own right, but none overtake the other.