Park & GardenScapes II

a solo exhibition by Jenn Hallgren @ dvaa

Exhibition Runs: November 3rd - November 10th, 2019


public artist Reception:

Sunday, November 10th, 5-7pm


About the exhibition:

Painter Jenn Hallgren exhibits new oil paintings exploring Philadelphia’s parks and gardenscapes at Da Vinci Art Alliance. This solo exhibition showcases formalist paintings focused on line, mark, color, shape, form, structure, composition, and plasticity. Her observational paintings of flowers and still lives focus on the process of painting over the image. Struggling with the medium to best create and subjugate for on the two-dimensional canvas, the observational image takes a backseat.

About the Artist:

Jenn Hallgren is an oil painter, though she has been known to use just about any medium available at a given moment. She identifies as a formalist, making paintings from line, mark, color, shape, form, structure, composition and plasticity. While she paints from observation, the subject of the painting is not her objective. Rather she focuses on the process of painting and how to best use the medium to create and subjugate form on the two-dimensional surface of the canvas.

Jenn Hallgren has had solo exhibitions at Da Vinci Art Alliance, Inliquid, and Watermark Gallery, and has participated in group shows at Wayne Art Center, Philadelphia Sketch Club, Henry Gallery at Penn State, The Masonic Temple, Fleisher Art Memorial, PwaT, CultureWorks, Wright Statue University, Chautauqua Institute, Galleries at Wright State U, and the galleries at St. Louis Community College.