Into the Woods We Go…

a Juried exhibition @ dvaa

Exhibition Runs: June 20th - July 1st, 2018


Public Opening reception:

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 5-7pm

About the exhibition:

This exhibition was an open call to LGBTQ artists and other queer & gender non-binary folks to interpret the meaning of the woods and its importance to the formation of queer self-identities. Since time immemorial, the woods have played a major role in the formation of queer identities. Artists are asked to explore the historical importance the woods have played in the development of queer religion, myth, sexuality, folklore, and art. Traditionally associated with the marginal, the dark, the wild, the secretive, the sexual, and the magical, themes that have, and continue to find, resonance among queer identified communities for whom the woods speaks in very profound ways about liminal identities and otherness. Into The Woods We Go calls LGBTQ+, queer artists, and gender non-binary artists to explore, make explicit, and celebrate our individual and communal cultural and spiritual connections to the woodlands:  to the beauty, magic, wildness, mystery and importance they play and embody in our lives.


Thom Duffy’s artistic career spans more than thirty years. He is a trained artist who specializes in painting watercolor and acrylics on paper and canvas. His overall work is influenced by nature and life around him. A memory of personal or current social/political events are also sources of inspiration. Subjects include the human figure, nature, still life, and cityscapes - mostly Philadelphia, which is were he resides. Thom’s professional background in art administration, management, and curating include local suburban galleries as well as galleries and fine art institutions in Philadelphia. Thom is currently curating exhibitions that rotate every two months in four Philadelphia public venues such as barber shops, tap rooms, and healing art collective. Thom's paintings have been included in several juried exhibitions in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, including at the Wayne Art Center, Philadelphia Sketch Club, William Way Community Center, and other area art centers. His work has received awards and honors in previously mentioned institutions.

Participating Artists:

Jane Mawson, Timothy Barton, Linda Lee Alter, Barry Steely, Janus Ourma, Kevin Broad, Eddy Rhenals, Keenan Bennett, Cat Gunn, Jess Lerner, Andrew Sedgwick Guth, and H. D. Ivey.