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Ellen Rosenberg





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Artist Statement:

“Art is neither a profession nor a hobby. Art is a way of being. It is an expression of the human spirit and an integral part of all beings. My creative passion is expressed through the art of photography, allowing for a vocabulary of imagery that is my own.
These photographs arise out of my own spirituality, a practice of mindfulness and being fully awake to the present moment. As my journey has taken me deeper into the study of Dharma I have recognized that the camera becomes an extension of my being. I bring the camera to my eyes and “feel” the image that appears in front of me with a heightened awareness. An opening to the world precisely as it is, offering up all the richness and beauty that is present within this moment of time.   
I seek to create an intimacy with my photographs, allowing for the viewer to feel the art form, not as a two dimensional visual archive of a moment, but to recognize the work as a form of connection, a spiritual rhythm.
My bodies of work are expansive, including musicians, dancers, drag queen, body builders, nature, and abstractions. Some of the work is visceral, some stimulating, some disquieting.. tweets of light and contrast.. yin and yang.. soulful and elating. I look to identify the raw beauty in our world, to connect with both the ordinary and the unique, and for the viewer to engage with both the mind and the heart.  And to view my work with an Awakened eye.
My photographs are created using either film that is scanned into the computer, or through use of a digital camera. There is limited software manipulation, in order to maintain a raw and honest visual approach. ”


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