Caliban Revisited: Of Castaways, Explorers, Amazons, Cannibals and Monsters: A Mythological Reimagining of Latin America in the 21st Century

a Juried exhibition @ dvaa

Exhibition Runs: June 7th - June 25th, 2017


Public Opening reception:

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 5-7pm

About the exhibition:

This juried open call asked Latin American artists to respond to a re-imagining of Latin America and what being Latin American means in the 21st Century. Artists were encouraged to mine the fantastic mythology both autochthonous and that which was assigned to the Latin American continent during its period of discovery, settlement, colonization, and beyond.  In doing so; artists can re-examine, revisit, re-imagine, challenge, question and or rescue colonialist and post colonialist narratives that speak to the present actualization and future of what the Cuban thinker Jose Marti (January 28, 1853- May 19, 1895) termed our *Mestizo America, and which the Mexican writer and philosopher Jose Vasconselos (February 28, 1882 - June 1959) actualized in his important and critical essay La Raza Cosmica, (The Cosmic Race).   

Using Latin American tales and myths as a point of departure and as a central theme to approaching the work, artists were encouraged to actualize, explore, revisit, and or reinterpret these myths so as to explore current issues of national identities and transcultural discourses and how these manifest themselves through present geo political history, location, migration, displacement, and settlement among others.


Juror Henry Bermudez is a highly regarded Venezuelan born, (Philadelphia based artist) with an illustrious artistic career spanning over 35 years whose work has been placed in public and private collections throughout Latin America, Europe, Central and North America.

Participating Artists:

Abel Vázquez, Ada Trillo, Ana Vizcarra Rankin, Brandon Lopez, Carlos A. Gil, Daniel Villarreal, Danny Torres, Jacqueline Unanue, Lina Cedeno, Marilyn Rodriguez, Melva Medina, Paula Meninato, Pedro Zagitt, Pedro Ospina

About our partner:

Casa de Duende is dedicated to presenting socially relevant art that addresses critical social issues and challenges both artists and communities to address through art and art-making, the causes and consequences of cultural, economic, and political realities in the context of advancing progressive social change. (For additional information on Casa de Duende, our work and to access supporting materials specific to this call please visit.