Am I Blue?… or is it the Color?

a solo exhibition by Edna Santiago @ dvaa

Exhibition Runs: November 7th - November 18th, 2018


public Opening Reception:

Wednesday, November 7th, 5-7pm

About the exhibition:

Blue, Azul, Cerulean Azure. Communicates honesty and loyalty, power and authority, stability and strength, patriotism and liberalism. Denotes masculinity and professionalism… refreshing, calm, blue skies and water, spirituality with Krishna or the Virgin Mary.  Yet blue also represents sad emotions, depression. Many a song has cried out its feelings of disappointment or feeling blue. When your life line of oxygen is cut, you turn blue… Interesting that something can represent such extremes as wealth or emptiness.  Enda Santiago chooses the blue of the sky and the blue ocean. 

About the Artist:

Edna Santiago was born in Spanish Harlem, NYC; raised in Puerto Rico. After 40 years of work as a Physical Therapist, and after a personal tragedy, Edna found the healing and inspiring world of painting. Edna is a self taught artist who then started taking lessons at Philadelphia area art centers. Back in Puerto Rico, she owned a gallery which offered opportunities to show artwork from artists of the island and the Philadelphia area. Edna currently resides in the Philadelphia area, having left the island after the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria on PR in 2017. As an artist who regularly puts forth effort to enrich the arts community, Edna is proud to jury and offer an international exhibition opportunity for Puertorriqueño artists by reserving a prominent gallery in the heart of Philadelphia (DVAA). With this exhibition, among other projects, she hopes to continue the conversation of the arts between the contiguous states and the island in ways barely spoken before. In her words, “in a world where the arts are being cut off from resources, we should strengthen the artists, which strengthens us all.”