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Robert Cappelli





Robert Cappelli is currently apart of the Goggleworks community in Reading PA, working with hot glass and wood. He believes that the balance between craft and imagination exudes the essence of art.

Artist Statement:

“Glass is a medium in which lapses in craft will lead to a literal broken piece so an understanding of the process is necessary. I find that balance when attempting to find insight in expressing true visceral reactions through a sculpture. The addition of another material such as metal and wood can open new and interesting relationships with glass. Metal exhibits such brute force that the inclusion of it in glass creates a struggle between hard, sturdy, and tough, and delicate, light, and elegant.
Like billions of humans in a growing and increasingly dangerous world, anxiety is a part of my everyday activity. Currently my focus is to engage the viewer in a consideration about the feeling of anxiety. I establish strenuous situations in which glass is introduced to a harsh environment, and add an element of playfulness to this scenario. The introduction of playfulness alleviates the anxiety and replaces it with positivity and amusement, and once at a place of positivity the initial moment of anxiety seems absurd. The goal is to provide the viewer with a recipe to help cure their own absurd anxieties as I attempt the same.”


Exhibitions at DVAA: