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Maryanne Buschini





Originally from Valhalla, NY, Mary Buschini resides and maintains an art studio in Malvern, PA. She received her MA in Teaching Visual Arts from the University of the Arts, and her BFA from Kansas State University. She is currently focusing on working in a summer studio at PAFA and participating in a painting workshop in Clonakilty, Ireland.

Artist Statement:

“I have drawn all my life, it has been important to find those places along the way in my life where I could make art. I grew up in the suburbs – seeing New York City as both near and far. I could see the big lake, and the dam, every day. I knew the stories about the lake – under the water of the reservoir was once a town, stories about the town of Kensico, flooded to make the reservoir, supplying water to New York City. The big dam holding back the water, made by workers - immigrants including my father’s parents, who settled and raised their family in the area.  My mother’s family moved from Indiana to this New York town, immigrants from the small town Midwest to the North East. There are common threads in these histories – the relationships, willingness to help each other, people who loved to make things, to use their hands.
The subject matter of my painting moves toward these people and the narrative of making and being with each other. The use of paint is expressive of the emotional content. I am making artwork that focuses on human relationships, memories, and personal history. photographs are used as a starting point, using personal photos and those that have a visual link I respond to. Juxtapositions, relationships and emotion are explored, as well as developing work based on the histories of my hometown in New York, people and structures that existed in the original town of Kensico, the real and imagined stories: the creation of the water system, and the workers that created those structures.”


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