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Martha Carey





Martha Carey was raised in Connecticut and earned her BA from Carleton College,MA from Simmons College, and PhD from Temple University. She independently studied photography, design, and drawing, and works as a self-taught painter. She has had solo and group shows in venues in the Philadelphia region including at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, The Plastic Club, Jed Williams Gallery, and DaVinci Art Alliance, as well as group and solo shows in Seattle (from 2001 to 2009) at: Forgotten Works, Artists Gallery, Oasis Art Gallery, Art/NOT Terminal, Arts West, Gallery 6311, Queen Hotel Studios, Patricia Cameron Gallery, and the PONCHO Art Auction.
Martha Carey was represented by Oasis Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington from 2005 to 2009, and is currently represented by Another Moon Studios in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.

Artist Statement:

“I work in oils and paint on heavy canvas secured to handmade 2-inch deep poplar stretcher frames. I paint abstractions about my reactions to the world, to others, to ideas, and to my own history. Abstraction allows me to forego the standard tools used to convey the seen, or communicate through recognizable forms. Nothing in what I paint - about a distant moon or about another person's very last idea - can be taken as true other than my intention to paint. A painting is not there to convince any other mind of anything at all; the painting is there as proof to the painter that an inner life exists. The painting is there as a reiteration that an inner life matters, that comprehension is possible, that reflection is a necessity.”


Exhibitions at DVAA: