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Karen Stabenow





Karen Stabenow’s life begins as an artist with Sterling Strauser, a highly regarded modernist painter, as my mentor for 20 years. She developed her style early and continued with studies of the Masters and art school courses. Her life continues as a constant observer and painter of our changing world.

BS; MS; MA: Microbiology; Environmental Science; Urban Studies.

Artist Statement:

“My current work focuses mostly on Arctic landscapes. Abstract expressionism and minimalism are my choice for depicting the drama taking place in a world that evokes threats and hopes, a world many people do not directly observe or touch. Inspired by nature, my challenge is to communicate the essence of the landscape and its momentum. Subject, lines, shapes, and shades define my painting. The ability to collect visual images is imperative in the pursuit of these conceptual subjects. Many people experience the world in a way that is skewed by misrepresentation: glossed over, cleaned up or even exaggerated images of the earth and the human condition. This distorted view of the world is harmful to progression. The lovely and unpleasant both have roles to play in evolution. To ignore one or the other would be naïve. My work deals with perceptual, theoretical, conceptual and social connections. I endeavor to be frank in my observations.”


Exhibitions at DVAA: