program description:

The Jawnt is a monthly excursion by Da Vinci Art Alliance members & staff to view new exhibitions in Philadlephia. DVAA membership & staff convene at various museums, galleries, and institutions to experience the best of our city’s art scene together.

jaunt /jônt/ - noun
1. a short excursion or journey for pleasure.
synonyms: trip, pleasure trip, outing, excursion, expedition, day trip, day out, mini holiday, short break

The Jawnt is a Members-only program.



Muse Gallery, Center For Art in Wood, Vox Populi

How to participate:

Register for the program, and meet Jarrod Markman at the first scheduled location. From here, members will provide their own transportation to the following scheduled locations. The Jawnt is a Members-only program.



past events: