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Don Gordon





Don Gordon is a self-taught artist and a long-time Philadelphia native. Don has worked as a marketing writer for several companies as well as a local university. He received a degree in English Literature from the University of Delaware. Don has exhibited his work at the Art Shop in Philadelphia and has installed public pieces around the city.

Artist Statement:

“Initially, my focus was on displaying artwork such as collages and paintings in public spaces in order to elicit people's reactions to unexpected or incongruous exhibition of art. Most of those pieces, numbering over one hundred, were destroyed.
Much of my current work explores the idea of salvaging portraiture from “disposable”sources in order to capture more humane, if reimagined, narratives. I seek to demonstrate ways in which forgotten lives – lives rendered expendable through mass media – can be reclaimed through the artistic process. I refer to these pieces as "reversals” to connote the progression from subject to object and then back to subject.
In addition, I am working on a set of masks known as the Infant Warriors. Represented as artifacts of a tribe with a distinctly unsettling mythology, the warriors are often depicted consuming items with significant psychological power in the “real” world. Of course, the true story of this mysterious people remains very much open to interpretation”


Exhibitions at DVAA: