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Muse Gallery, The Center for Art in Wood, Vox Populi

  • MUSE Gallery 52 North 2nd Street Philadelphia, PA, 19106 United States (map)

Muse Gallery, Center For Art in Wood, Vox Populi

About the program:

“The Jawnt” is a monthly excursion by Da Vinci Art Alliance members & staff to view new exhibitions in Philadlephia. DVAA membership & staff convene at various museums, galleries, and institutions to experience the best of our city’s art scene together.

jaunt /jônt/ - noun
1. a short excursion or journey for pleasure.
synonyms: trip, pleasure trip, outing, excursion, expedition,
day trip, day out, mini holiday, short break

The Jawnt is free and open to public to attend.


(STOP 1: 6pm) Look Me in the Eye: Portraits of Homelessness by Carolyn Harper at Muse Gallery

Carolyn Harper’s work has a strong social justice component to it. She creates images of people or groups who have been marginalized, discriminated against, or abused. In this exhibition, she depicts specific Philadelphians; people living in a homeless shelter or on the streets. The exhibition provides faces to those who are faceless, nameless and powerless, and bear witness to those who are suffering.

The exhibition, comprised of several large hand-sewn quilts, displays graphic images to attract attention to those forgotten by society. The large quilts are visible markers that shout out: 'Look at me! See me!' Carolyn Harper seeks expressive moments fortuitously snatched; and to records the state of this community and inspires change by bearing witness.

The exhibition will be on view at Muse Gallery until November 30, 2019.

(STOP 2: 6:45pm) Making a Seat at the Table: Women Transform Woodworking at Center For Art In Wood

All over the country and in all kinds of genres, women are making fantastic work in wood. Understanding that the field has historically been dominated by males, this exhibition showcases some of these women, to show the breadth of the current field of woodworking, and how these makers are both expanding the edges of the field and holding down the center. The exhibition presents a diversity of objects, made with a diversity of intentions—from small-batch products to one-off works, representing a range of technical approaches and scales. Pieces included in this exhibition will reference an approach to woodworking that is rooted in questions of craft, use, the body, and domesticity. The exhibition precedes a publication centering on the experiences of woman makers who are leading the field of fine woodworking.

(STOP 3: 8pm) The Philadelphia Queer Elders Project at Vox Populi

The Philadelphia Queer Elders Project, an archival exhibition and series of programming curated by Anna Pachner and Katie Rauth, aims to celebrate elders’ position in the queer community, highlighting threads of second-wave, lesbian-feminist history and how they translate into contemporary queer thought and space. Stemming from a box of lesbian-centered zines from the 1970s through 1990s found on a roadside in Burlington, VT, and Pachner’s archival Instagram account @boxofvintagegayzines that followed, the project presents excerpts of these publications that provide an in-depth look at snapshots of queer lives as told through nationally, regionally and locally circulated writing.